Movie review: The American

This film had everything I like.





Stylish dinner jackets.

George Clooney. Seriously George Clooney plays this type of character very well. I cried my heart out at the end of the film.

The thing that I liked most about this film was that it is a tragedy. It follows the American and tells a story of his life and how tragic lonely it is; how a person like him can never be happy, no matter how hard he wants happiness or friendship.

This is a depressing film and I loved it, but I like depressing films. I won't give away any more of the plot but I suggest that you watch it.

It is one of my favorite films and I implore you to consider viewing it.


Movie Review: The Italian Job

The Italian Job is a fun film. I think that whole reason that I like this film is because they race mini-coopers. If you like mini coopers then check this film out.

Oh and also if you are a fan of Mark Wahlberg then you will probably like this movie.


Movie Review: Metallica - Through the Never

Here is the rundown of the film, Metallica - Through the Never.

If you like Metallica. You will probably like this film. 'Nuff said. Check it out.