Fight On

To all the people that struggle on a daily basis to meet their self imposed deadlines,

To all the people that awaken from their anxious slumber to start a new day of overcoming obstacles,

To all the people that stay up late achieving great things,

To all the people that have ever defended another person,

To all the people that have ever given of themselves selflessly,

To all the people that are considering throwing in the towel,

To all of you I say this,

Potential is determined by what you think you can do and how hard you are willing to work to achieve it. A person can do anything they commit their mind to do. Fear is only a lack of confidence to surpass an unknown aspect of life.

Never give up.

Live well.


Roadblocks to Success

In response to some recent legislation limiting the ability for some people to earn a college education I say, "What the frak?"

Let me clarify. Arizona voters recently passed a proposition that would make it more difficult for Arizonans to attend college. The details of the bill make it so that non Arizonan residents would have to pay the full cost of college. Makes sense right.

This includes and is directly targeted towards undocumented people that have been living in Arizona for a good portion of their lives. They are residents of the state but are seemingly ignored and cast aside. They don't really matter.

Others argue that it is not fair for others to pay the full price of tuition as long as others are getting that free ride. To them I say that life shouldn't be a competition. We should not be setting others up for failure just to improve our chances of success.

We should all pull together and help each other achieve our goals. It does not make any sense to me that we as a people all live here together but work towards our individual goals at the expense of others.


This legislation is a direct block on advancement of human society.

Bomb North Korea, just because we can

This was originally published on Oct. 11, 2006.

I find it ridiculously amusing that nations feeling threatened by a nuclear attack will simply strike back. It must not occur to them that a nuclear explosion is caused by an all expansive destructive device that will raze buildings and desolate areas for many years to come. South Korea has stated in recent reports that they are preparing for nuclear war. What does that mean exactly? Perhaps it means that their citizens will be employing the very useful "duck & cover" strategy that 1950's United States citizens practiced under the Soviet Nuclear Threat. Perhaps it means that the South Korean military will throw down a preemptive strike and decimate that crappy little country to the north.

My point is that nuclear war will definitely change everything. Little fish with three eyes, little three armed children, and women presidents. I shudder to think of the possibilities, a female president, please. And how does the United States respond? Well I'll tell you what it won't do; the United States will not invade North Korea because going after somebody who has been proven to have weapons of mass destruction is a mistake. Does this sound vaguely familiar? Yes, it does. Despite international criticism the US invaded Iraq, decimated its infrastructure and now pillages and plunders its weaselly black guts out. So why won't the US attack North Korea? Well, for one, it wouldn't look good on anyone's resume. I would hate to have yet another failed military operation on my hands and I'm sure the current administration feels the same.

North Korea is a country of extreme poverty and economic sanctions will definitely increase that country's mortality rate. For once I cannot offer a solution here. Maybe the world's largest arms dealer should just give them some guns. That usually makes men with small penises happy. No, I do not have a solution but I know who does: http://www.workers.org/2006/world/korea-1029/


Benefits of Physical Activity

Consider the benefits of physical activity:

Lowers risk for heart disease and stroke
Lowers risk for high blood pressure
Lowers risk for diabetes
Lowers risk for most chronic diseases
Improved muscle and bone health
Improves mood and self esteem
Increases energy
Adds more life to your life

How to be more physically active:

Take a ten minute walk after each meal.
Park really far away from the shopping center or workplace.
Take the stairs up OR down instead of the elevator.
If you have a gym membership, use it.

Remember a little bit goes a long way. The current physical activity recommendation for people is, 30 minutes of low to moderate physical activity a day for most days of the week. So a ten minute walk after each meal could add up to 30 minutes. An extra 5 minute walk to and from your car when you go to work could add ten minutes. ANY LITTLE BIT HELPS.

Live well.


The conduct of some US troops is ridiculous

So if you are a thirsty Iraqi kid running around in Iraq, and you see a US military vehicle driving around with troops that look like they're handing out water, you may be better off drinking the water on the ground because there is no chance that soldier will distribute that water, or is there....

The Higher Cost of Higher Education

More effort should be put on the Arizona Legislature to throw down some much needed funding to the public education sector, especially higher education. That would hopefully offset the overly inflated price of tuition each year. I recognize that the Universities must receive and spend more money each year to fully serve its students but I think it is ridiculous that tuition has gone up 44.9% for residents and 29.9% for non-residents over the past 5 years. The cost for education has been directly put on the shoulders of the student, a student that may be working a job paying $7 an hour. How exactly does that make sense? It eludes to the idea that only people with enough money should be able to get a good education. Yes, the people that cannot afford University tuition could just go to community college but what good is an associates degree anyway? I find it amusing that Americans promote the US as a free country. The truth is very different. What is the whole point of taxing a population if the funds are wasted on ridiculous pork and barrel programs that politicians use to promote their re-election campaigns. So, the solution is at the big building with the supposedly copper roof in downtown Phoenix. Those blow hards need to get their act together or this country is gonna turn to crap real soon.