Benefits of Physical Activity

Consider the benefits of physical activity:

Lowers risk for heart disease and stroke
Lowers risk for high blood pressure
Lowers risk for diabetes
Lowers risk for most chronic diseases
Improved muscle and bone health
Improves mood and self esteem
Increases energy
Adds more life to your life

How to be more physically active:

Take a ten minute walk after each meal.
Park really far away from the shopping center or workplace.
Take the stairs up OR down instead of the elevator.
If you have a gym membership, use it.

Remember a little bit goes a long way. The current physical activity recommendation for people is, 30 minutes of low to moderate physical activity a day for most days of the week. So a ten minute walk after each meal could add up to 30 minutes. An extra 5 minute walk to and from your car when you go to work could add ten minutes. ANY LITTLE BIT HELPS.

Live well.


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good advice. however, I do not agree with walking with a stone or can of food in a persons hand while walking. resistance training should be done in slow controlled movements while standing still or balancing.

Anonymous said...

In one of my certification manuals states "If your goal is to build muscular strength or endurance, lifting weights while in motion is ineffective and unsafe. Weight training is most effectively accomplished when your body and its core muscles are stabilized

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your disagreement. There is no evidence to show that walking with added resistance is detrimental to the physical health of an individual. Show me the evidence and I'll change what I wrote.

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