The conduct of some US troops is ridiculous

So if you are a thirsty Iraqi kid running around in Iraq, and you see a US military vehicle driving around with troops that look like they're handing out water, you may be better off drinking the water on the ground because there is no chance that soldier will distribute that water, or is there....

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Robert said...

This is why war is ugly. It strains me to understand how we view war as something noble and glory ridden. While a cause may be just, war as the means to make it happen is never going to be pretty. When you commit to killing, justice loses it's power. When given the authority to kill, the mosted sacred of our morals and values are going to be tested and will often lose. The conduct of our troops is the conduct of those permitted to kill to make their point. They are acting in a way appropriate to their predefined mindset. If the military is anything, it is an efficient mindsetting organization.

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