The Higher Cost of Higher Education

More effort should be put on the Arizona Legislature to throw down some much needed funding to the public education sector, especially higher education. That would hopefully offset the overly inflated price of tuition each year. I recognize that the Universities must receive and spend more money each year to fully serve its students but I think it is ridiculous that tuition has gone up 44.9% for residents and 29.9% for non-residents over the past 5 years. The cost for education has been directly put on the shoulders of the student, a student that may be working a job paying $7 an hour. How exactly does that make sense? It eludes to the idea that only people with enough money should be able to get a good education. Yes, the people that cannot afford University tuition could just go to community college but what good is an associates degree anyway? I find it amusing that Americans promote the US as a free country. The truth is very different. What is the whole point of taxing a population if the funds are wasted on ridiculous pork and barrel programs that politicians use to promote their re-election campaigns. So, the solution is at the big building with the supposedly copper roof in downtown Phoenix. Those blow hards need to get their act together or this country is gonna turn to crap real soon.


K'man said...

I would be interested in seeing how many U.S. citizens are able to get a higher education today , versus 1965. I don't have those figures but they may be relevant. It would also be interesting to compare yearly tuition costs , and rates of increase over the last 5 years, at the various universities across the country. might be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I know I am gettin' screwed with out of state tuition. and I can't believe its only gonna get higher, I better hurry up and graduate!

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