Roadblocks to Success

In response to some recent legislation limiting the ability for some people to earn a college education I say, "What the frak?"

Let me clarify. Arizona voters recently passed a proposition that would make it more difficult for Arizonans to attend college. The details of the bill make it so that non Arizonan residents would have to pay the full cost of college. Makes sense right.

This includes and is directly targeted towards undocumented people that have been living in Arizona for a good portion of their lives. They are residents of the state but are seemingly ignored and cast aside. They don't really matter.

Others argue that it is not fair for others to pay the full price of tuition as long as others are getting that free ride. To them I say that life shouldn't be a competition. We should not be setting others up for failure just to improve our chances of success.

We should all pull together and help each other achieve our goals. It does not make any sense to me that we as a people all live here together but work towards our individual goals at the expense of others.


This legislation is a direct block on advancement of human society.

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