Google Docs

This website is one of the greatest tools for productivity I have ever encountered. I shall demonstrate with a short story.

Steven Q. was working on a computer in a lab at school. He is typing a very important essay on the sociological implications of poverty and its effect on physical activity habits. Steven Q., isn't necessarily the smartest person around but knows enough about technology to know that he should save his work often.

For some unknown reason after Steven Q. nearly completes his paper, the computer simply restarts on its own. Good thing that he regularly saved his work every few minutes. So upon restart he comes to find out that his document, which was saved to the My Documents folder of the hard drive is not there.

Immediately, fear and overwhelming emotions of failure rush into Steven Q. He walks over to the computer lab attendant and explains his problem, hoping that somehow the all powerful lab attendant can recover the missing document.

Steven Q. is crushed to learn that the computer discards all changes made to the hard drive upon reboot. His document, an important five hour portion of his life, no longer exists. It is lost to the technological void that is no more.

Of course, had Steven Q. been working on his document on Google Docs his work would have been automatically saved and accessible from any Internet capable computer. With many rich features it is nearly as powerful as any other word processor and far more potent than notepad.

I recommend composing your work using Google Docs if possible. It would've saved Steven Q.

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kman said...

Have you caved to the google corporate monster?

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