wife cannot refuse her husband's sexual advances

So I was reading this article about the Vatican and condom use. About halfway down I read that a Milan Cardinal, Carlo Maria Martini, condoned the use of condoms when a "a woman cannot refuse her HIV-positive husband's sexual advances."

Are you frakkin kidding me!? So Cardinal, in your infinite holy wisdom, you are saying that it is the woman's responsibility to say no to a man's advances. Please tell me why the man has absolutely no responsibility to listen to his wife. This goes parallel to the issue of spousal rape.

In theory, if a man were to have unprotected sex with a woman that he "cared" for, fully knowing that he is HIV positive and that the risk for transmission of the virus was ridiculously high. He is knowingly sentencing her to death.

But please pay attention to the language the Cardinal used. It is the woman's responsibility to do anything in the sexual realm. In this Cardinal's mind, a man will never be held accountable for his actions.

That sickens me.


Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY agree. Thank you for posting.

Anonymous said...

thanks for supporting my gender! Go condoms!

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