I would like to pause from my series on Health at Every Size and address something else that I've wanted to.

We're closer than we think to an age when gasoline becomes a luxury and restaurant meals become unattainable.

What happens when you put two hungry toddlers in a cage and place one delicious cupcake between them? You have a crazy fight in which neither of the two cuddlies really gets hurt but only one of them will end up with most of the cupcake. That is what happens naturally when people are faced with scarcity. They seek to improve their condition, by whatever means necessary.

What do you think will happen with this planet's resources?

They will run out eventually. They will all be used. Although that won't happen for quite some time, I'll tell you what will happen, sooner than later.

These precious resources, petroleum, water, food, energy, and culture. They will all become scarce and more expensive. When it becomes too expensive for most of the world's population to have air conditioning in the summer heat and food on the table, people may fight to get what they need.

This is understandable. People need to eat and they need to be cool and comfortable. People have fought over resources since people began farming so many years ago. This isn't new. What is new is that most of the population will suddenly be cast into a sea of nothing. Not enough money to buy cool stuff like plane tickets or hotel rooms because those things cost way to much money. We are seeing this already. The price of oil is a massive force behind world inflation. The higher and higher prices equate to fuel surcharges on everything from a mail order delivery to a restaurant bill. Money just doesn't have the purchasing power that it used to. That trend shall continue.

Unfortunately I do not have a solution. All the human species can do is delay that through the practice of conservation. Please forgive my pessimistic attitude but the only answer I have isn't realistic. Space travel. That isn't possible at this point in human technological evolution. Thank you dark ages.

The point of this post is to call your attention to a very inevitable future and to perhaps cause you to be more appreciating of what you already have. Everyone in this world doesn't have the option to run out to a 24 hour waste of space that is Wal-Mart and buy a banana or a music CD that is cleverly edited for your protection.

Appreciate your position now. And work towards improving it in the future.

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