Health At Every Size part 1

My commentary on the Health At Every Size model of weight-loss.

Part 1

There is overwhelming evidence to show that losing weight and losing fat is easy. There is overwhelming evidence to show that keeping it off is a much larger problem. There is also evidence of potentially dangerous and psychological consequences related to the weight loss and weight gain cycles.

Despite an increasing epidemic of dangerous eating disorders people continue to spend billions of dollars yearly on weight-loss related products and weight loss through dietary restriction.

This is particularly damaging for young girls and women who are continually pressured to invest significant energy into pursuing the supermodel body shape. However, this "idea" body shape is neither healthy or attainable for a MAJORITY of women.

Men suffer as well. Body image disorders for men are on the rise. This fear of fat plays havoc on a person's body image, exercise habits and eating behavior.

Where does this pressure to be thin come from? Are we born with the mentality that thin is in?

Or could it be that we are conditioned into thinking this way? Yes, it could be.

The fashion, diet, cosmetic, commercial fitness and pharmaceutical industry all contribute to this social conditioning that drives us to target larger individuals as the subjects of ridicule. Stop judging people based on their appearance. You have not lived their life. You do not know what they face each day. You can never know. All you know is who and what you are, if that.

There is a paradigm shift to break the cycle of weight loss and regain and work towards making positive changes to improve quality of life, regardless of weight status.

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Anonymous said...

very well said =) I wish people would stop judging overweight individuals and stop obsessing so much about being thin, as being the only cookie-cutter model of "what is attractive"

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