Health at Every Size Part 4

I experienced one of the worst moments in my life one day. Listening to my younger relatives debating which food item was better; sunflower seeds or Coca-Cola Classic. According to them the Coca-Cola Classic was better because it had fewer calories [per serving] than the seeds. I tried to tell them about the disastrous effect the sugar would have on their tiny bodies but to no avail.

They were absolutely convinced that the stuff they learned from their precious television and teen magazines was superior to what I've read in various research studies or textbooks. The media is pervasive in its misinformation.

Our society's obsession with thinness is to blame for this. Women in particular are relentlessly pressured to conform to unrealistic body shapes and sizes. This wreaks havoc on the body image and self-esteem of all women.

This is a list of likely consequences of continuing our obsession with thinness:
  • anorexia nervosa
  • bulimia
  • binge eating
  • disordered eating and exercise behavior
  • increasing rates of smoking in young girls
  • body hatred
  • exportation of dangerous and ineffective interventions to other countries
People need to move towards a healthy weight. A healthy weight is the weight at which a person's body settles as they move towards a balanced lifestyle. This does not suggest that a person's current weight is their healthy weight. It suggests that a healthy lifestyle will, for most people, produce a weight that is appropriate for that person.

As a society we need to move towards being physically active and healthy unrestrained eating. We must consider all the factors of wellness. Social, emotional, spiritual, etc.

The three main things we need to really get on top of are:
  1. Self acceptance: Affirmation of human beauty and worth irrespective of size and shape.
  2. Pleasurable physical activity: Support for increasing social, pleasure-based movement for enjoyment and enhance quality of life.
  3. Normalized eating: Support for discarding externally imposed rules and regimens for eating and attaining a more peaceful relationship with food by relearning to direct food intake in response to hunger, appetite and satiety cues.

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Anonymous said...

That is sad if they thought Coke was better than seeds.... But it is true :( Also that picture of the fruit I think it is does not look very appealing. :)

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