Can't force love

This one will be short.

You can't force someone, or something to love you.

This is an important lesson to learn early because it will most definitely help a person stop dreading on an uncontrollable situation. I have the perfect example.

I have 3 cockatiels. A brother and sister duo named Nibbler, Chirpy, and Gracie, respectively. Although I shower them with affection, attention, and food I am pretty sure they don't love me. Of this I am sure of. Especially since Nibbler will always capitalize on the opportunity to remove a chunk of flesh from my body. He can be quite mean.

I have finally come to terms with their lack of reciprocal affection. Will that stop me from trying? No. For the next 20 or so years they will be under my care and I'll do my best to make their little lives enjoyable.

In conclusion, you cannot force someone to love you. Whether it be a person, an object, or an animal. Love just happens. So, live well.

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