Economic Disparity

People are exceptionally good at distrubuting resources, unequally.  Look at this article about how the richest 2 % own half of the worlds wealth.  

The richest 10% account for 85% of all the worlds wealth.  This greatly reflects our specie's nack for inequality.  The average Amerikan's wealth comes out to $144,000.  That happens to be $144,000 more than I have.  Thank you student loans.  This is more than 100 times higher the average Indian or Indonesian.  

This is a reminder that most people do not share our Amerikan middle class existence.  What is the solution?  How do we share the wealth?  

FREE MARKET!!  Or so they would have you think.  Unrestricted free trade benefits those in power of negotiating the conditions of the trade.  Wal-Mart is good at this.  The rise of free trade has grown the gap.  Poor become poorer.  Rich become richer.  

For example, North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  Sure it sounds good.  Instead of Mexico being able to export its agricultural product to the US, the US has taken advantage of the situation and corn exportation to Mexico has tripled, pushing Mexican farm laborers to...

Amerika, where they are demonized and treated less than human.  After all, if you are not a citizen of the greatest country in the world you surely deserve nothing.  

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