Female Objectification

Today's topic: Female objectification, or de-humanization.

De-humanization is a process where someone's humanity is taken. The person simply becomes an object without any emotions, thoughts, feelings, wants, needs, or rights. More specifically, female objectification is specific to females. And in our society, this is more common than one might think.

Take for example, the best example, a strip club. Dancers are viewed as objects. They are things. They are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. This makes it ok for another person, say a customer, to do anything. Thankfully there are security measures in place to prevent most instances of violence or humiliation but the concept is still there. The entertainer, is a sexual object.

Recently, I was in Mexico for spring break. I had a great time, most people on spring break have a great time. But there were some things that I noticed that infuriated me. Me dio rabia. Some men would walk around and feel up the girls. I know what they were thinking. "These bitches come around here and they dress all hot and slutty. They want me to feel 'em up. They are asking for it. It is my right."

You would be amazed with how many men would force themselves sexually on a woman if there were no consequences. I've seen the research. This mentality of having the right to another's body is out there. It is prominent. Someone, i know and love was unfortunate enough to experience this. She was raped by her husband. He did it because he had the frakkin right to do it because she was his wife. This was his thought process.

This will not do.

You may never lay claim to another person. You may NEVER own a human being. A living breathing person with emotions, thoughts, hopes and dreams.

This needs to change. One way to work towards this is to always, ALWAYS, see people for who they are. Calling people sluts, whores, and bitches just de-humanizes them. Calling someone a pussy dehumanizes them. Honestly, the best insult you can come up with is to call someone a female's genitalia.

Live well.

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