Fundamental Needs to Achieve Happiness and Peace of Mind

I need to be trusted by others. This indicates that I am of significant importance in another person's life. This tells me that I have impacted the life of another individual enough so that person feels accepted, supported, and nurtured by me. This gives me a deeper connection with the people around me and helps me to give energy to the relationships that I am involved in. This furthers my emotional and social development.

I need to be in meaningful relationships with people. This gives me the chance to comfortably express my emotions deeply and offer my strengths without fear of rejection. Positive relationships provide me with interconnectivity in the world around me. That feeling of interconnectivity strengthens my will to accomplish great things within my society. It is through the love and support of the people important to me that I can work towards achieving my goals and ultimately improving my community and perhaps eventually the world.

I need to constantly be in a state of growth. More specifically I need to grow intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. I must continue to educate myself and increase my awareness about the world around me. Continuing my education will allow me to keep up to date with new research, new discoveries, and new models of approaching solutions to social problems. Increasing my knowledge base is extremely important to me and I put a lot of energy into my current academic career.

An increased awareness of the world will provide me with an improved insight that I can use to fulfill my social responsibility. I must continue to improve and strengthen my relationships with the people around me as well as foster new relationships with other people that I encounter throughout life. Spiritual growth is important to me.

To make my journey through life easier and more rewarding I shall explore different viewpoints of human spirituality and follow ideologies that incorporate my own beliefs of equality. This path of spiritual growth will help me develop as a person and increase my satisfaction.

The opportunity to improve the lives of others is of massive importance to me. I wish to set a precedent for increasing awareness about issues that affect a majority of the population and implementing procedures that deal with those issues effectively. It is my responsibility to improve the lives of the people around me in any way I can and if I were to fail in this endeavor I may consider my life professionally incomplete.

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