Happiness and How to Obtain It

Simply put happiness for me is to be accepted and nurtured as a whole person. I want the people in my life to love and trust me. In order for me to obtain this sense of happiness I need to establish meaningful relationships with people around me.

I offer this same advice for anyone else. It is better to live life with groups of people. Human beings are social by nature and it is necessary to have a sense of belonging and purpose in one's community. I recommend people become involved in their communities and work towards improving them for everyone.

In this way the community is improved and the people in that community can have a greater appreciation for the person doing the good work. Ideally this will result in an endless loop of compassion and selfless work where individuals work to maintain and support their community.

To obtain happiness a person must give to others without expecting anything in return. To obtain happiness a person should find a group of individuals that can be supportive and nurturing.

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