Health at Every Size Part 5

Concluding my series on health at every size.

Accept yourself for who you are. You are a person and you have a purpose. You are unique and you have much to offer. Do not succumb to prejudice. Do not allow yourself to pass judgment on another based on their appearance. As difficult as it may seem it can be done. Women of all sizes suffer from an intense fear of fat that plays havoc with their body image and self-esteem and promotes disordered eating and exercise behavior. Men suffer as well, by participating in a culture that defines the worth of more than one-half the population in terms of physical appearance, rather than by the recognition of truly meaningful qualities such as honesty, compassion and love. Diversity should be honored. Size should be accepted.

Eat normally. Take your time and enjoy the food that lays before you so that you may experience life just a little better.

I offer a few suggestions for people to restore normal eating habits:
  • Recognize internal cues of hunger and satiety.
  • Legalize foods. Enjoy eating with emotions of fear or guilt.
  • Try to stay away from those magazines where a person's appearance is called into question. Tabloids and celebrity gossip magazines are a great example of what not to read. These wastes of paper unfairly criticize people based on their appearance. They offer ridiculous physical comparisons with no regard for who the person really is. They de-humanize people. Please do not rest your eyes on this repulsive material.
  • BE PHYSICALLY ACTIVE! If you read one sentence, read the previous one. Be active. Walk, do things manually, exercise, and enjoy adding more life to your years. It is much easier than you may think.
Live Well.

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