We all share life on this world.  From the smallest organism to the greatest creature, we all share our existence with each other.  It is with this in mind that it is ever important to do everything in one's own power to ensure that this existence is as good as it can be.

I just completed a Relay for Life fundraising effort.  For those of you not familiar with Relay for Life it is a symbolic event that the American Cancer Society fronts to raise money and awareness for cancer.  Please consider, the word, cancer.

To be diagnosed with cancer can be life shattering.  In many instances it is surely a death sentence.  There is not necessarily a cure but there is promising research.  Cancer is not a death sentence.  People survive it.  Do not fear it.  Understand it.  Take steps to reduce your risk.  Consume less alcohol, abstain from tobacco, and reduce exposure to the sun and other chemicals.

We all share this existence.  We must all work together to achieve our common goal, to continue that existence.  All to often insignificant differences drive us to misunderstand, fear, become angry with, and hate.  Even I am not immune from the human emotions that perpetuate our state of squabble.

I feel very strongly against certain actions that others take.  To the point where I feel anger.  Perhaps even to the point of hate.  I am unsure.  All too often I am witness to wide scale discrimination and legislation that benefits the few at the expense of the many.  

We are interconnected and we should act accordingly.  Take action today, take action everyday to live well.

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