Self Destruction


Thoughts are something. Aren't they?

Positive uplifting thoughts have the power to turn someone into a god.

Negative destructive thoughts have the power to, well, destroy a person. Mine can be especially bipolar.

I've seen it in others too. I know of a person, a person that I care for deeply, that was so stricken by her own gloom that she was ready to drop out of school and go home. It was bad. She felt that in that moment she had no success in her life. She was ready to give up.

If you know me, you may have heard me say this.

Never give up, because the moment you do is the moment that you could have succeeded. It is the moment you could have overcome your obstacle.

She did not give up. Now she is moments away from graduating and having the best life ever.

I can only speak from personal experience. Through what I have seen in others and what I have experienced myself I can shape a reality of what it is like. What do you do, when you feel like your world is falling apart?

I don't know. I can be there for others. I can give them support, advice, and love. I can relate to their situation. I just can't be there for myself. I think this holds true for everyone. Everyone needs a support system.

Without that, we are incapable of breaking out of the darkness. We turn into the demon that manifests itself within our mind. We break down. We take incredibly drastic measures to rectify the situation.

The loss of life at Virgina Tech this past week is tragic. We can learn something from it. The importance of a support system is immense. We all need it in some form or another. I would suggest that you find a person, in your life, that you trust completely and tell that person that you appreciate his or her existence. Offer your support to others in your life. Build relationships of mutual trust, respect, caring, and love.

Live well.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rare Hero,
I have read what you recommaned me to read. I liked your position in these three articles. But if you remember our conversation, you will not be able to answer to why you do not feel lonely based on these 3 articles. It means that in fact you need people not to feel lonely while you said that you do not need them.
Take care.

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