In the heartland of Middle Amerika there is a slap in the face of all that is true.

Deep within the bluegrass state, Kentucky, there has been erected a building that seeks to offer the world an "alternative" view of history. This "historical" alternative is no better than any science fiction novel that I have ever read, in fact it is far worse, with several holes in the plot.

It stands in direct opposition to scientific evidence. What is the point of having a scientific method when these people can just make up whatever they want? It really pains me.

This "museum" features exhibits where dinosaurs are wandering in the garden of eden, alongside adam and eve. This is just like that story in the book where jesus rode into Bethlehem on a velociraptor and smote down his enemies. I may have made that last part up.

Maybe I'm just bitter about this but I don't think that people should have the right to spread this type of misinformation around. These people are actually saying the earth, despite conclusive evidence to the contrary, is no more than a couple thousand of years old.

This "historical" education is based on the literal interpretation of the bible, a book written by men which did not become "official" until the 16th century. It's probably a good thing that the people that wrote the bible didn't fancy the beliefs similar to those of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard or else we would all be crazy like Tom Cruise.

Seriously, something needs to change or else children might start believing in this biblical nonsense.

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