Jerry Falwell, good riddance

I never advocate violence or murder as a method to achieve one's goal.

I do say this. There are people that are just better off dead.

So last week when good ol' boy Rev. Jerry Falwell died I threw a party.

Actually I didn't. I didn't find out about it until a few minutes ago. I don't plan on throwing a party.

Falwell was an Evangelical Christian, in my opinion the worst kind. But personal feelings aside, this man believed in beliefs and practices he thought were taught in the Bible. He was conservative-everything: patriarchal family, male superiority, Christian, pro-life, pro-defense, pro-family, etc.

He feared anything that wasn't of God. Things like evolution contradicted his beliefs and he strongly opposed them. He believed that the escalation of violence (mostly due to Amerikan interference - my opinion) in the Middle East is a precursor to the Christian Apocalypse, or end of all existence.

Now to the point, this man represented a horrible segment of our society. Many of his followers claim to be part of the all volunteer Christian Army. Please read the following excerpt taken from this AlterNet article:

Mark Uhl, a student at Liberty University, was in possession of homemade bombs when he was arrested at Falwell's funeral. He reportedly planned to use them against any protesters who might disrupt the festivities. Uhl had this to say on the social networking website My Space. "Christians, fear of death, fear of death. The fear of death shows you don't believe." He added this eye opening statement as well. "God needs soldiers to fight so his children may live free. Are you afraid??? I'm not. SEND ME!!!" Uhl sounds an awful lot like Osama bin Laden, who exhorts Muslims not to fear death when fighting in the name of their religion.

Christianity has become infected with fundamentalist fanatics. It is about time you retake your religion and truly practice what you preach. Love thy neighbor... or something like that.

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