Long Distance...

For some reason the concept of a long distance relationship has been coming at me from different angles. I've been sharing my point of view on why they generally don't work.

So they usually don't work because of a lack of physical contact and emotional growth. Physical intimacy is really important for people that care about each other because it can strengthen the bond that the couple shares for each other. It gives people a chance to really get to know each other and spend some real time together.

Long distance relationships hinder emotional growth because of all that time spent apart. It doesn't allow for the couple to, be a couple. How is a relationship going to progress if it isn't happening. Sure, people can talk on the phone or instant message each other but that is different.

People really need be together to learn about each other. This is especially important because it is easier to realize that a person isn't right for you if you spend time with that person. If you never spend any time together how are you going to figure out it isn't going to work?

A long distance relationship can work. It isn't impossible. As long as there is some physical interaction on a regular basis at least twice a month. Twice a month is just an arbitrary number
that I chose. People need to have a person they can physically connect with. Don't settle for a long distance relationship because it isn't worth it for you. It will stunt your emotional growth and create unrealistic expectations that the other person probably can't meet.

In my experience, long distance relationships are used by people that don't want to grow. In one case, this girl was cheating on the guy that she loved. She got caught because she was having internet conversations talking about love and intimate stuff with a person that was not her boyfriend. It happens.

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