Reliving success

Quite some time ago I set an important goal for myself. I decided to attend a 4 year university.

At the time I did not really have a specific school, I just knew I wanted to go. I wanted to be a part of a big time university. I narrowed my choices and picked the school I'm at now. I wanted to be a part of the college community that I saw on TV and that I read about.

I saw camaraderie and fellowship and I wanted to be a part of it. So I applied. My scores and grades got me accepted and provided some monetary support to go there. I was happy that I got accepted with such a generous financial package.

Accomplishing this goal meant that all of my troubles were going to be left behind. I wouldn't have to worry about my future anymore. I read the acceptance letter. I read the financial aid notification. This is one step closer to my goal of _________.

I didn't really have a goal. What was I supposed to do? Go to school, study engineering, earn a degree, make money so I can buy stuff. Buy a house to put all of my stuff in. Looking back it seems pointless. But that is besides the point. This was important to me and I did it.

Not only have I attended a 4 year university but I've practically graduated. Now I'll be starting my 5th year (no point in leaving too early right?) finishing off a minor and completing my experience. This has been successful.

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