Check Your Credit Report. Its the Amerikan Thing To Do

We live in a time in which some people try to improve their position by stealing from others.

In 2004 Arizona had the most instances of identity theft in the United States with 142.5 victims per 1000 Arizona residents.

Checking your credit report regularly offers you a bit of security in that you are able to monitor your credit identity.

Monitoring your credit report also allows you to find any inaccuracies which may be adversely affecting your ability to finance for larger big ticket purchases.

You can use your credit report to improve your use of credit. Take it even further and check your credit score. That FICO score is the last word when it comes to financing so make sure you make responsible finance choices so you can survive in this money driven world.

AnnualCreditReport.com allows you to obtain a free credit report from any one of the three credit reporting bureaus. Since you are entitled to one free credit report a year from each bureau it would be smart to get a credit report every four months. In this way you can have as many as three free credit reports a year.

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