Corporate Hall of Shame: Wal-Mart, Ford, etc

I've never liked Wal-Mart. Their way of doing business really turned me away from their stores.

Now, Corporate Accountability International has issued their Corporate Hall of Shame!

Here is the list:
  • ExxonMobil has avoided paying $4.5 billion in damages as a result of their infamous Exxon Valdez oil spill. This is also a gracious recipient of several tax breaks and tax relief.
  • Halliburton is the greatest profiteer from the Iraq invasion, it has been awarded $20 billion in government contracts. This corporation is currently moving its headquarters from Houston to Dubai in an effort to run away from the money that it owes the United States.
  • Wal-Mart is a wretched company to work for. Most of Wal-Mart's workers are below the poverty line but their executives are raking in dough and living big.
  • Kimberly-Clark has denied its contribution to the destruction of the ancient forests in North America.
  • Coke drained water supplies in drought prone areas in India and undermines confidence in local water utilities.
  • Ford has awful fuel efficiency and pollution ratings and has blocked government efforts to improve auto emissions.
  • Nestle has denied its role in the obesity epidemic, drained valuable water supplies for its products, and uses child labor on its cocoa farms.
  • Merck kept Vioxx on store shelves 4 years after learning the pain medication causes heart attacks and has monopolized AIDS medications in Thailand.

Please visit the Corporate Hall of Shame for more info

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