Did I Say Democrats are Spinelessly Incompetent? Yes. I Believe I Did

Please go back to a time when John Roberts and Sam Alito were appointed to the Supreme Court by President Bush.

It was at this time that the Democrats launched a defense against these two nominations and prevented the court from becoming out of balance...

Actually, their defense was quite feeble and they cowardly allowed President Bush to take his action. It truly shows their complete lack of willingness to fulfill the duties of the positions they were elected to.

And now we as a nation must suffer the consequences of a Court that acts not in the favor of its people but one that abrasively acts to defend the powerful and trample the weak, or should I say rich and poor?

Yesterday the court issued these rulings:

  • Individuals, who believe their tax dollars are being unconstitutionally misused by the White House to promote religious beliefs, aren't allowed to enter a courthouse to make their case.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency can avoid its responsibilities under the Endangered Species Act, even though it's a law reflecting the public will as passed by the democratically-elected Congress.
  • Corporations can once again use their checkbooks to flood the public airwaves with political ads during election season, again overruling Congress.

How many times must we bear the consequences of a failing government before we take action to rid ourselves of the corruption and the political show?

Credit Bill Scher and AlterNet. Original Article can be found here: Right-Wing Judicial Activism Runs Amok

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