Environmental collapse

After reading this Alternet article, Colony Collapse: Do Massive Bee Die-Offs Mean an End to Our Food System as We Know it?, I must admit to my own ignorance.

I had no idea honeybees were so important to people's food consumption. Apparently, farmers use honeybees to pollinate their crops. Due to human development and expansion, the area of natural habitat is decreasing. A smaller habitat equals one thing. A smaller population that can be sustained within said habitat.

Ok. So how important are honeybees really?

According to the article they are hella important. Their loss could result in an agricultural catastrophe resulting in very high prices for normally affordable foods. So a $3 pack of strawberries could very well cost $6.

Increasing prices without increases wages results in people being at a deficit in their purchasing power. So the economic consequences of a decrease in the honeybee population are alone worth the effort that should be taken to remedy the situation.

Remember, food does not magically appear in the supermarket.

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