The Fallacy that is the Catholic Church

It was recently reported by David A. Love that Pope Benedict XVI issued some callous statements regarding the takeover of indigenous cultures by the Catholic Church.

To be specific, the Pope suggested that Catholicism has purified indigenous populations and called on the resurgence of indigenous religions as a step backward. He also said that the indigenous populations were longing for Christianity and welcomed the onslaught of faith that the Catholic priests brought with them during the European conquest.

The church has a horrible history of human rights violations against people of different ethnic backgrounds. Throughout history religious institutions have turned their back on, supported, and even promoted horrible acts of violence and thievery in the name of God.

Popes have issued several edicts which turned forth the rape, enslavement, pillaging, and genocide of millions of people whose only crime was being different.

The Church is far behind the times and needs to update its policies on sexuality and economics.

It actively promotes abstinence and denounces any form of contraception which has left the African Catholic population decimated by an AIDS epidemic. The vows of celibacy taken by priests and nuns were intended to prevent the wrong families from acquiring too much power within the church. It prevented men from inheriting church property and had absolutely nothing to do with spirituality or a commitment to God.

In Latin America there is a growing trend of liberation theology which focuses on social justice, political activism for the poor, challenges people in high places, and views Jesus as liberator of the oppressed. This theology is rejected by Benedict and the Catholic Church because it is Marxist inspired and a threat to the faith. It is more of a threat to the stranglehold of power that the Church has maintained for centuries.

It is a manipulation of faith that endorses the powerful and protects the rich.

For more on the article by David A. Love please visit: Pope Bendedict Argues Catholic Church 'Purified' Indigenous Peoples

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