Huckabee, One Republican that is Just Aching to Tell You How to Dress

The following video opens the discussion to a national dress code:

Thank you Marie Claire magazine, for exposing yet another negative quality of our elected officials. Mike Huckabee (R - Arkansas) has stated that mini-skirts attract unwanted attention to a woman's private parts.

I will take it upon myself to educate the former governor of Arkansas.

The proper term for private parts is in fact genitalia. Or, even sexual organs.

Seriously, these Republicans just keep getting worse and worse.

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Sharkie said...

WOW. this makes me want to run home immediately and change into a mini skirt.I think the only appropriate response here is a mass operation of miniskirt pics sent to Huckabee.

What really kills me about this is that this guy wants to regulate how american women dress but i guarantee you if you went to him home and hopped on his computer it would be full of pornography.

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