Implications for Outsourcing

The concept of outsourcing is detrimental to everyone except the consumer and the corporation. The corporation is able to keep its profits up by outsourcing its labor or manufacturing to countries with softer manufacturing restrictions. The consumer is able to save money by purchasing goods at a lower cost.

Now, lets look at how this affects the worker in either the United States or the country being outsourced to. For the US worker, job security is a thing of the past. There is someone available in another country to do the same job for less pay and fewer benefits.

So this takes away some of the negotiating power that unions and individuals once had. The foreign worker is now exposed to what may be dangerous manufacturing practices with lower pay and fewer benefits.

The United States Government should drastically re-approach its free trade policies. This is a bad thing for the countries being outsourced to and a stressful situation for American workers.

Simultaneously, the American Corporations should realign their goals to provide the American population with goods that are of high quality.

I am against outsourcing because it is detrimental to a majority of the people involved and it benefits those that are already of high status.

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