More Talent. None of the RIAA

Smaller music record labels or independent music artists have talent by the barrel full.

One tremendous example is Drunkmouse Records. With bands like Liquid Cheese, BPM, and Fighting Chance it is no surprise that this record label has a strong following. And it isn't surprising that because of the way the music industry is that these bands aren't more popular.

Musicians aren't ultra successful on talent alone. To be most successful they must submit to the will of the RIAA, an association of money hungry record executives that are parasitic in nature and feed off of the success of their moneymaking musicians. The RIAA largely controls the music heard on the radio and lobbies for even more stringent copyright protection to allegedly protect their artists' work.

Hopefully there will come a time when music can really be about the music. Check these bands out if ever you have the chance.

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