Presidential Candidate Edwards proposal for health care

Presidential Candidate John Edwards, former senator of North Caroline, is arguing his case for president.

He claims that if elected he will "force health care companies to spend at least 85% of the premiums they collect directly on patient care."

He has also claimed that he would "seek to cut health care costs by reducing the number of drug companies that hold monopolies on breakthrough drugs through long-term patents and by better coordinating treatment of chronic illnesses and preventative care."

His proposal "would require insurers to report how their premiums are allocated to ensure that no more than 15 percent goes toward administrative costs and profits, down from an average of 30 percent today."

Read more about his plan and decide for yourself if his plan could actually succeed here: John Edwards for President.

At least he has a plan. But his plan is flawed in one way. He is a democrat...

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