A recent USA Today/Gallup Poll has struck a blow...

Science no longer has any power.

Actually it isn't dead yet but some fundamentalist religious leaders are trying to spread their misinformational propaganda to strike science down.

A recent poll shows that 53% of the US population thinks that evolution is true. 44% think that evolution is false.

Unfortunately, 66% of the sampled population thinks creationism is true. 31% think it is false.

However, if these evolution deniers were somehow presented with evolutionary evidence that proves that evolution is indeed the best fact based theory we have they would surely turn from the dark side. Wouldn't they?

Poll shows that 82% of the sampled population is familiar with evolution.

I disagree. I think if they really paid attention in school they would be more accepting of the evolutionary idea, but...

86% are familiar with creationism. Makes sense. Most Amerikans have attended some form of religious education.

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