Successful Marriage or Your Money Back!

I propose a new national law.

A 30 day money back guarantee!

Actually, no money back.

We need to generate some revenue.

Here goes:
Newlyweds should be able to opt out of a marriage within 30 days. Or more realistically, 90 days. If within that 90 day period after the marriage either participating party may opt out of the marriage and all records pertaining to the marriage will be null and void. To put it simply, it would be as if it never happened, legally anyway.

Of course 30 or 90 days are just arbitrarily chosen. Perhaps that value should be even greater.


Robert said...

An interesting idea in a world were everyone is honest with no ill intents. Sometimes you shoulod look at how something won't work or could be abused. The weigh the good versus bad. I could see a few con artits taking advantage of that type of system. What do you think?

rare HERO said...

I'm sorry but if the marriage would be as if it never occurred which should mean that it would be most difficult to take advantage of that situation.

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