Theories of Spirituality that Resonate with my Values and Beliefs

Deepak Chopra's theory matches very well with who I am. The Law of Pure Potentiality reminds me how I look within myself for that initial strength to accomplish my goals. The Law of Giving mirrors my personal goal of being able to be there for the people in my life at all times.

Jesus spoke to his followers about unconditional love. This is an ultimate goal of mine and it resounds very strongly in how I approach the people in my inner circle of trust. If I can show the people who are closest to me the deepest love than I can be a beacon of trust and strength in their lives.

Tzu's Principle of Oneness reminds me of how I encourage communities to come together as a single entity to accomplish their goals and solve their problems. This is the best way to deal with situations. The Principle of Dynamic Balance resonates with my belief of tolerance and acceptance. This shows that differences should be respected and it directly mirrors my beliefs about how masculine and feminine qualities should be combined and embraced.

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