War in Iraq

War is an armed conflict against an enemy. Unfortunately many nations now go to war in an instant. There is no more diplomacy. Too much energy is put into differences and how to obtain more wealth. It is my personal opinion that the war in Iraq has been very beneficial for certain people of power.

Namely, shareholders of Halliburton, Chevron, and Lockheed Martin. Shares of stock have risen dramatically since the Invasion of Iraq. Iraq is now left in ruins. Its infrastructure is decimated. Its people are in a constant state of fear and stress. Violence is nearly unstoppable. But certain people have benefited from this and in their eyes it justifies everything. Was Hussein truly a threat?

I cannot say. Were claims and justifications for the invasion exaggerated? Yes. What is done is done. I would recommend splitting the country up into smaller countries and allow its people to self-regulate their communities. The people living in the communities are best equipped to handle their own problems.

They experience their life everyday. It is the local people that can best deal with the current situation. The powerful countries should give aid free of charge. This will allow the Iraqi people to rebuild their society without an impossible debt looming over their shoulder. This will also create a sense of trust and caring between all the nations involved in the rebuilding process.

The war could be over just as quickly as it started.

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