Yahoo! Answers - dangerous

I am a somewhat regular participant on Yahoo! Answers and I've come to this conclusion. It is a powerful tool for spam and misinformation.

I'll usually do my best to answer a question objectively and to the best of my ability. As an example this question was asked:

What is the fastest and effective exercise that helps you get rid of fat in your belly?
I just want to know if there is a good exercise that will make you get rid of fat in your belly, besides running.

I referred to Leonard Fitness.com and answered:

Everyone actually has a good set of abs. It's just a matter of removing the fat and sculpting them. To remove bodyfat, consider one or more of the following: exercise regularly, reduce calories or meal size, increase meal frequency, reduce sodium, and drink low-calorie beverages. In addition, a combination of both strength and cardiovascular training will help tremendously.

Thankfully, my response was chosen as the best answer. Another answer suggested that the person pray for Jesus to remove the body fat and sculpt the abs.

Are you serious?

People don't even need to work out anymore. They just need to pray that Jesus will somehow give them legendary abs of steel. Don't fall for the hype. Take some responsibility and achieve your objectives on your own. Stop relying on the scourge of religion. The human race deserves better.


Anonymous said...

Great post! The response from yahoo answers to pray to Jesus was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

It is dangerous in more ways than one. I participated in Yahoo Answers Travel Russia. As a result, my email account has been hacked and the hacker has used my personal information to post questions containing my actual name and other info. When I reported the questions and to Yahoo Answers Abuse, I was sent a standard letter how to close my email account.

Needless to say, I am not going back. BEWARE!!!

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