ASU Top Paid Employees

Ever wonder how much money universities pay their top employees?

Wonder no more!

Here is the list for Arizona State University at the end of its most recent academic year:

Are these salaries justified? Note that 2 of the top 5 people listed are no longer with ASU, former head football coach Dirk Koetter, and former men's basketball coach Rob Evans.

I will also point out that 3 of these 20 people are women, and that there are no women in the top 10. It would appear that there is a glass ceiling at ASU.

A very wasteful glass ceiling.

This information along with the fact that tuition is increasing at a rate much higher than inflation shows that the Arizona legislature needs to do more to funnel more money into higher education to relieve the burden off of the students and to do more to regulate salaries such that ASU remains competitive but also wastes much less money.


Anonymous said...

WTF?? You list no date on the pay chart, nor do you mention the date. These seem like old stats to me. Michael Crow just got approved for another raise. Also, why would you put women in the top 10 if many of those jobs are coaches for MALE sports teams??? Or is it that you want those "manly" women in the locker rooms? Don't be so ridiculous.

rare HERO said...

Figures are accurate as of July 2007, the end of the previous fiscal year. As for the topic of women coaching athletics, gender role stereotyping is very prominent.

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