Don't bother paying for ID Theft Protection services (100th post!)

If you're considering paying for an ID Theft Protection service, don't bother.

LifeLock, based in Tempe AZ, is in the business of ID Theft Protection. One of it's founders Robert J. Maynard has been suspected of identity theft. Customers who previously gave Maynard's other company, National Credit Foundation, sensitive personal information themselves became victims of identity theft and that company was suspected of stealing its customer's money.

Recently the Phoenix New Times published an investigative report suggesting that consumers don't fall for the hype of paying for protective services because it's free and extremely simple for people to do themselves. The article claims that they're a rip off.

Robert Hartle created ID Theft Services, Inc., a non-profit educational corporation, to educate consumers about how they can take action for little or no cost to monitor their credit report and resolve disputes.

It is obvious that company's like LifeLock take advantage of people's fear of identity theft.

I suggest you read the entire New Times article.

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