What would Jesus do?
Would he eat pork that grew up in a confined animal feeding operation that was fed a diet of mostly corn, corn byproduct, miscellaneous animal bits, and antibiotics?

No. Jesus was allegedly Jewish and Jewish people are forbidden from eating pork because god said so.

But what would you do?

Would you eat pork from a pig that has never had the chance to do what pigs do? Pigs, by nature, forage for leaves, grasses, roots, fruits, and flowers. Pigs are also mighty tasty, so for those of you that have never consumed pork, I encourage you to find some pork that comes from a pig that was able to do what it is that pigs do.

*Chipotle offers pork from allegedly free range pigs.

Visit EatWild.com for more info.
Also visit Polyface farms for even more info.

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