Econo Lodge double charges it's employees

A New Mexico woman, Maria, was startled to see the charges on her credit card bill this month when she noticed three charges from the Econo Lodge she worked at.

Here is the story:

She made one reservation for the night of July 3 and one reservation for the nights July 3 through July 5. The first reservation was for her husband's son and she did not intend to pay for that. Her husband's son had agreed to pay for it before he left. The second reservation was a gift for her son and she would pay the bill.

In order for the Econo Lodge to accept the reservations they needed her credit card information.

So when the bill came she was charged for three rooms: the room she had intended on paying for, the room her husband's son had already paid for, and a third room.

Since her husband's son had already paid for the room there was no need for the Econo Lodge to charge her credit card.

It is most frustrating to learn that a third room was charged to a third and unknown person. According to hotel staff this is what happened.

A woman came in late on the morning of July 4 and claimed that she was a relative of the Econo Lodge employee. She asked to receive the employee rate and to have it charged to Maria's credit card.

Econo Lodge obliged and without Maria's permission charged a third room to her credit card.

Maria is currently disputing the bogus charges with her bank and is attempting to have Econo Lodge remedy the situation.

I'll update when I get more info.

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