Homosexuality. Lets try to define it.

I was wandering through the internet not too long ago and I stumbled upon a bit of contradictory information. First I somehow wound up in the Conservapedia website. They claim that it is a conservative encyclopedia you can trust and that their truth shall set you free. It is an alternative to the obviously liberal Wikipedia.

Featured on their main page at that time was an article for homosexuality. It was presented in the first sentence that homosexuality is an immoral lifestyle defying the will of god.

However, from the day that I first read that to the day that I type this, the encyclopedia has changed its position. The opening line now reads homosexuality is an attraction to the same sex. That may be due to the controversy and ridicule resulting from the initial wording.

Wikipedia defines homosexuality as referring to either a sexual attraction, to sexual behavior, or sexual orientation. The encyclopedia goes off on many other tangents.

The Conservapedia article bases its position on what the Bible says. Four passages are quoted claiming that god has forbidden the "immoral lifestyle". Much data is presented to argue the case that it is an immoral lifestyle and that disease and disorder plague the population. They also present examples of people converting to a heterosexual lifestyle through their faith in Jesus.

This makes no sense to me. How can their truth be in direct contradiction to another internet encyclopedia? An internet encyclopedia with much more respect and authority than their own. My conclusion is that Conservapedia has presented no factual evidence and their position is a purely derogatory one.

Remember, people are people.


Anonymous said...

I’m concerned about this “new kid on the block” called Conservapedia. I thought it was a joke at first, but I checked them out. These people are for real, and their intolerance is quite distressing (along with their politics, but that’s another sordid story).

I read the 4 Bible quotes this group espouses for their condemnation of homosexuality, but they never compared those quotes to one of the most famous citations from the Bible, which is, “God created man (humankind) in His own image.” Therefore, God created homosexual people, and as such they as “divine” as the rest of us, and worthy of our love and understanding.

None of the 4 Biblical passages refer to Christ’s sermons, one of His most famous being, “Love thy neighbor.” He didn’t say, “Love thy neighbor, except for the homosexuals.” There is no “exception” in Christ’s simple statement.

What transpires between consenting adults in their relationships does not hold any bearing as to their worth or morality as a human being. As for those who think differently, I’ve got another Bible quote for you: “Judge not, lest you be judged.” L

seth said...

Assuming anything in the Bible is true, yes you have somewhat of a point.

Anonymous said...

Hi Seth,

Yes, there are a lot of things in the Bible which are true. Yet, please don't miscontrue my words. I am not a "Bible thumper" (and I can tell you some stories to prove that!).

I only wish people would stop using the Bible in trying to create a politcal agenda. This practice has been going on for too long now. The fundamentalists (oh yeah, they call themselves "Christians") have completely altered the meanings of the founding fathers of our Constitution. Unfortunately, these people are here to stay, and are growing in numbers.

I just wish people would be NICE for a change. Tolerance (for all) is the cornerstone for this idea to flourish.

Peace, L

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