Wal Mart will sell you anything

I began reading the Consumerist, an online consumer advocacy publisher, and scrolled down.

"Religious Action Figures Are Coming To Walmart" caught my attention.

For only $20 you can have your own Samson or Goliath, and Jesus himself, is only $15.

Figures will only be sold in stores where the Bible is the best seller, nothing like preaching to the choir, and nothing like taking advantage of Bible happy consumers.

Of course this is no more ridiculous than selling comic book action figures but at least comic books are much more interesting to read.

Have you ever read the Bible? If not allow me to tell you my interpretation of it, it is a long winded story about an incompetent god that created a planet.


The deity later reclaims the planet after most of his creations abandon their worship and praise. Accounts vary but the general idea is that god will take his believers to a vaguely described heaven for what may be an eternity. Depending on who you ask the non-believers are to either remain on the now godless planet or will suffer an eternal fire or damnation.

Quite unoriginal and unimaginative but what would you expect?

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Anonymous said...

Funny stuff! I was actually quite surprised to hear the Samson and Goliath dolls (oops, I meant “action figures”) were commanding a higher price than Jesus, but then again, at least these guys had a “rougher” image, so I can see the marketing genius behind the pricing…better profits for the upcoming Christmas season, which ironically, centers upon the concept of peace.

One of the best, yet slightly skewed, interpretations I’ve heard of the Bible in some time. I always wondered why God seemed to get so angry all the time, and would actually be so bold as to demand praise from his “subjects.” (Isn’t that a human want?) When I conveyed this contemplation to the nuns who schooled me (yes, I’m a recovering Catholic) my comments were met with stunned disbelief. (You don’t want to know what happened afterwards.)

I mentioned the above interpretation (of the Bible) is slightly skewed, and I’ll explain one of the reasons why I feel this way. My boyfriend (an avowed atheist) recently quoted a beautiful phrase to me in an e-mail, and I wrote back, asking him where the phrase came from. He replied the quotation was from the Bible, in the book of Psalms. What I’m trying to say here is the following: love exists, yet you can’t prove it (there is no machinery invented as yet to measure the phenomenon called “love”). Beauties exist, but only if your eyes are open to see them. There’s a lot more to this world than what is visible, and that’s one of the things that make this world viable. (And I don’t know why I keep referring to the Bible lately…haven’t read it in years, and I disagree with a lot of it. Maybe it’s to let others know to keep an open mind about…everything.) L

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