WTF? What do you mean race and intelligence?

OH NO! Low and behold I came across yet another alternative to Wikipedia and Conservapedia, Metapedia.

Metapedia claims to be an electronic encyclopedia of culture, art, science, philosophy, and politics. It also claims that it covers topics not usually covered in mainstream encyclopedias and has a purpose to influence the mainstream debate, culture, and historical view.

I was clicking away at the "random page" link and what would you expect I come across?

"Race and Intelligence"

Whole heaps of fury erupted within me. Could this be what I thought it was? Oh yes, Metapedia does not dissapoint.

Metapedia works under the bold assumption that there are distinct biologically different groups, or "races" that comprise the human species. It is further argued that intelligence among these "races" is also biologically determined.

Possible reasons for this may include that other "races" have smaller brains, inferior neuron structures, or other genetic deficiencies. It is further discussed that mainstream media portrays various "races" as equal so that it would appear that there are no differences, "As studies show, biological barriers are too strong to be overcome by mainstream culture."

This page even calls out my friends at the American Anthropological Association acknowledging a statement I will expand on further down the page.

To be most truthful with you, this page issued by Metapedia is hate speech rolled up in a nice pretty font. It is created by the same ignorance that wrestles against scientific fact. It attempts to present an argument that would justify actions to improve the human race.

It bashes on any measures taken to curb "racism" and discrimination, arguing that such actions are themselves ignorant and deny the obvious differences that render some people superior to others.

To truly understand the concept of "race" and its origins one must think relatively about the early relationships Europeans had with other populations. Especially those Europeans that made a living in the early Southern United States.

Would it make things easier for the leadership to assert control over a population if that population could be divided?

If your poor white underlings were somehow convinced that the black slaves they worked with were inferior, and that it was ok and actually encouraged by the Bible to discriminate against them, would it not make your job as a landowner and leader that much easier? Divid and conquer. It proved so effective that everyone started believing that people of different backgrounds were biologically different.

There is no biological evidence to show that any one ethnic group has a larger brain than another. This is just like how Sascha Baron Cohen brought up, with his character Borat, that Kazakhi women have smaller brains than men. It is absurd to think that could be true and it is absurd to think what Metapedia says is true.

The American Anthropological Association issued this 1994 statement on "race" and intelligence:

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) is deeply concerned by recent public discussions which imply that intelligence is biologically determined by race. Repeatedly challenged by scientists, nevertheless these ideas continue to be advanced. Such discussions distract public and scholarly attention from and diminish support for the collective challenge to ensure equal opportunities for all people, regardless of ethnicity or phenotypic variation.

Earlier AAA resolutions against racism (1961, 1969, 1971, 1972) have spoken to this concern. The AAA further resolves:

WHEREAS all human beings are members of one species, Homo sapiens, and

WHEREAS, differentiating species into biologically defined "races" has proven meaningless and unscientific as a way of explaining variation (whether in intelligence or other traits),

THEREFORE, the American Anthropological Association urges the academy, our political leaders and our communities to affirm, without distraction by mistaken claims of racially determined intelligence, the common stake in assuring equal opportunity, in respecting diversity and in securing a harmonious quality of life for all people.

When all is said and done, don't fall for the hype of those that would divide you amongst yourselves. Come together and take action to unify this planet and its people. Take action that shall preserve this species until there is no longer a suitable habitat for us.

Biologically, we are all one.

Click here to go to the AAA's website

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