Free hugs?

Everything has a price:
A bowl of cereal at Cereality, $3.99
Burrito at Taco Bell, $.89
Place to live, $400/monthly.

A hug, $0.

Yes. It is true. I happened to be wandering aimlessly around campus today when I spotted a certain individual holding a sign.

Upon closer inspection, I could read the sign.


I took the gentleman up on his offer and wished him well with the rest of his day. This made my day.

But for some strange reason a vast majority of everyone else in the area did not purchase a free hug. There were plenty of empty Starbucks Coffee containers strewn about so I could tell people had money to spend but nobody wanted to pay the ultimate price of actually interacting with a complete stranger.

I should hope that if ever you see a "FREE HUG" notice you take that offer because there may come a day when a "FREE HUG" is just a memory.

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