My evening at a Catholic mass

It was nearly 3 years since I had stepped foot in a church, but I managed to go twice in one day. My morning, as was previously told, was spent at a Seventh Day Adventist church. My evening, was spent at a Catholic mass. My afternoon was spent trying to wrap my head around all the fables I just heard that morning.

Riding a giraffe? Seriously.

To be perfectly honest with you I don't really have anything to say about the Catholic mass. I used to believe in all that nonsense but now I don't. It was just like any other Catholic mass anywhere else. There was singing, reading of the Bible, and an attempt to interpret those readings to promote the goals of the church.

I have my own problems with the church but many of these are based on unverified rumors.
One, although the church encourages living a life of poverty, as Jesus and many other prophets allegedly did, the church is credited with having a vast fortune.
Two, the church has committed several crimes against humanity. Namely, its suppression against science which resulted in a stagnant period of perhaps 400 years. Also, its ethnographic approach to indigenous peoples and its utter disregard for cultural independence.
And third, its views on women. Mainly that women are the cause of humanities downfall and existence in sin because Eve gave Adam a cursed apple.

I don't like religious organizations because I see them as hypocritical and I especially don't like the Catholic church.

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