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Oh no, religion rears its ugly head yet again. This time it is concerning philanthropy.

Is religious involvement necessary to perform charitable works? No.

If religions is a pre-requisite for anything it is destruction but back to the discussion. Compassion International and their Christian Child Sponsorship program. It is a ministry that attempts to "release children from their spiritual, physical, economic, and social poverty" and to enable them to become "responsible, fulfilled Christian adults."

This organization unfortunately reaches 800,000 young and impressionable minds in 24 different poverty stricken countries.

Some of their commitments are to honor Jesus Christ, work with the local missionaries, impact each child's growth and development, teach the children about the gospel, and instill a relationship with god in each child.

For only $32 a month you have the opportunity to participate in the destruction of an indigenous culture and throw your money into a money consuming machine. For fiscal year 2005-2006 Compassion International had $246 million in expenses. By converting the non believers into the crime that is Christianity these unfortunate children may know the joy of a poisonous religion. They will finally have the opportunity to be rid of their primitive beliefs, once and for all. That $32 also buys you a travel agent, just in case you ever want to actually visit your "sponsored" child.

What disgusts me the most is how their AIDS initiative works: Prevention. Ignorant prevention.

These power mongers criminalize sexual freedom and create a sense of wrongdoing for doing what comes natural. Instead of promoting safer sexual practices they promote ridiculous faith based abstinence in the hopes that it'll stop the infections. They have no doubt done a great harm to these people by "teaching" them how condoms are ineffective at preventing HIV infection.

I implore you to stay away from faith based charities. There are plenty of other ways to help another human being without contributing to the lie that is Christianity, or any other religion for that matter.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with this commentary completely, with only a small amount of additional commentary. I’m at my wit’s end thinking about these so-called “charities.” They are nothing more than scam artists, who prey upon their victims “in the name of the Lord”, particularly regarding their point on AIDS. This is nuts…for anyone who wants to know more about how indigenous cultures were wiped out (along with their spiritual beliefs), please read “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.” This excellent book describes exactly how the white “gentlemen” (and I’m using this term generously) not only massacred thousands of peace-loving Native Americans, but managed to utterly destroy their wonderful spiritual beliefs.

In the years that followed, said “redeemers” took it upon themselves to convert these people to Christianity, with disastrous results. Surprisingly enough, even though all Native American tribes were scattered throughout North and South America, they all held similar beliefs (unlike the Christians) in that they believed all matter (rocks, trees, other plants, animals, and more) were “alive with the spirit of the creator.” All tribes had different names for the creator, but I was shocked to learn about this…as well as their beliefs the creator spoke from under the Earth (as opposed to the Western belief that all “messages” come from “above.)

Just read the book! Even some senators at the time spoke of these people as being superior human beings.

OK, here’s my small amount of additional commentary. While I do agree with the points raised in this article, I must state the following: since the dawn of humankind, people have always searched for a reason for why we’re even here; that’s why philosophy started, and from those thoughts came religion. Therefore, one cannot dismiss true feelings of grandeur regarding ones’ place in the universe. However, after philosophy could not answer all questions, religions came about. After that, all hell broke loose. L

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