US Strategy to leave every child behind

No child will be left behind. We must educate them all.

Alternatively we can just deport them.

Virginia Gutierrez was aspiring to become a college student at Arizona State University this fall but unfortunately she got deported back to Nogales Mexico a few weeks ago.

Obviously she should be back in her home country right?


Her home country is the United States! She pays taxes in Arizona! She is a tremendous student and now has a far slimmer chance at anything resembling a future because of Amerikans' arrogance and ethnocentrism.

She received a citation for driving with her headlights off and having a busted taillight. Once the officer discovered she didn't have a driver's license on her the police impounded her vehicle. When she tried to retrieve it she was arrested for having a "fake" Mexican ID. Once they realized that she had no Social Security Number they convinced her to sign for a voluntary deportation.

And once back in Mexico she was reunited with...

Um no. Not exactly. According to a secondhand report I saw she was dropped off on a street corner. Since when is it ok to transport a young person away from her family without any money. This really ticks me off but there is something you can do:

In mid-August, Virginia Gutierrez, an honors graduate from North High School, was arrested, detained and then deported because of her immigration status. While in custody, Virginia was subjected to inhumane treatment, without any legal representation.

Virginia was literally dropped off on a street corner in Nogales, without any concern for her well being.

Virginia was awarded numerous scholarships to attend ASU. She looks forward to making a meaningful contribution to our community.

Join us as we call on our community leaders to both bring Virginia home and hold a community forum on immigration policy. Cases of inhumane treatment such as Virginia’s MUST become a thing of the past.

Wednesday, September 5, 445 pm, State Capitol (17th. Ave/Washington)

For more info, contact:

Reverend Brad Wishon
Gentle Shepherd Metropolitan Community Church
2604 North 14th Street (16th Street and Virginia)
623-570-6166 (Cell) / 602-864-6404 (Office)
Email: revwishon@aol.com

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