Last minute Turkey Day tips

As Turkey Day quickly approaches I wanted to offer but a few suggestions to improve the holiday, for everyone.

When preparing a meal consider purchasing goods from a local farmer's market. See the map below for locations in and around the Phoenix area and visit this Eat Well Guide for locations nationwide.

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If you choose to deep fry your gobbler I would recommend using an electric fryer, not a propane one. Just a suggestion.

Try not to buy anything on the legendary Black Friday. Friday is Buy Nothing Day. Avoid the consumer driven capitalist aspect of society and just relax. Maybe watch some football, spend time with the family, who knows.

Traditionally this time of year is a time to give to others that may not have as much as you do. Considering the current shortages that some food banks are facing this may be an opportunity for you to donate time, money, or food. If you are daring enough you could even drive around with some warm / hot food and just give it away to the homeless people wandering around. Just an idea.

Real Simple offers 40 ways to simplify thanksgiving. Check it out.

Ultimate Guide to Cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey.

I hope you find these holiday suggestions useful.

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