Planned Parenthood

No, I'm not talking about that awesome organization but I'm actually talking about planning for parenthood.

Oh yes, here are some words of wisdom that came to me as a result of some children that I recently encountered.

The decision to have a child should be a DECISION. No excuses for unexpected pregnancies, excluding some unfortunate experiences.

This decision should be well thought out. Many things to consider include having enough money. Education is a very important tool for a person to do well in life. I am no expert but I would expect the cost of a college degree in the United States to exceed $109K within a few years.

Another thing to consider is whether or not you as parents are physically well enough to have a child. Do you have any vitamin deficiencies, toxicities, and are you physically active? Plan it out and get healthy.


I've seen way too many children that are at a disadvantage because of their parents horrible habits. So, stop being selfish and start planning this out. It shouldn't take college graduate to figure all of this stuff out.

For more information about the organization Planned Parenthood, visit the link.

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